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Happy Birthday Ikeoluwa

Hmm...Ceci Ike, what a beautiful young lady she is. We met when i was shooting at a wedding some months before her birthday, few text messages back and forth and her event was booked.

Most times when shooting, i have to do all the work to get the right shots, get your subject at easy and make them comfortable throughtout the day (which isn't a big deal as it's part of the job), but Ike is different, she was really calm and at easy through the evening.

We started the shoot at the Sanderston Hotel where she was getting ready with her mom and her brother, got some portrait shot of ike as well as that of her family before heading down to the deluxe Stork restuarant in mayfair london.

The intimate event was attend by close friends and families.

Thank you Ceci Ike for trusting us to document your birthday, we wish you the very best in life.

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