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Happy Birthday Opsy

I got a message on instagram from Ireti inquiring about my availability regarding her surprise party for her boyfriend Ope, to be held at Radisson BLU Canary Wharf, quick check of my diary and yeah i was available for her date, few messages back and forth and deal was sealed.

I arrived at the hotel and my point of contact on the day Iyanu was yet to arrive so i sat at the lobby picked up a showbiz magazine to keep myself company. About 30mins into me waiting at the lobby, Ireti and Ope walked pass me as they had lodge in that same hotel, and i remember Ope being the gentle man he is, saw me and even though we've never met before, he tried saying hello to me with his look and i thought to myself like Don! what have you done? you've messed up this surprise, they're probably gonna return and there won't be any surprise as it's all be given out just from my reaction.


Not too long, Iyanu and her girls arrived, called her and i was ushered into the hall where the party was taking place, from the look i got from Iyanu and the girls i was certain the surprise was still intact. ....sigh..what a relief....


Guests started arriving and as the day started getting dark, Ireti and the birthday boy walked into a room full of friends and families and Ope got the surprise of his life as he looked at Ireti and wasn't sure how she planned everything while they spent the days/weeks leading to that day together.


Dinner was served, several people got up to give lovely speeches about Ope, many of us got to know him more from what we heard on the night.


Many thanks to Ireti who made sure i was looked after not as a vendor but as a guest, Ireti you're the real MVP!.

Thank you for trusting me to do what i love doing best, i wish you the very best in life.

Happy birthday to you Opsy!!!

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