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Valeri & Michael

It was a great honour to have documented the wedding of Valeri and Michael at the beautiful North-brook Park House.

It was a celebration of love between two different countries from one continent speaking same language called "love".

We were thrilled to the lovely colours of the Zim's tribe to which Valeri hails from. The couple showcased the different cultural dressing from their roots by changing their outfits on two occasions.

I love the Zimbabwe's outfit that Valeri wore (see it below in one of the shots- you can';t miss it!), it brought out a dashing glowing colour that puts her at the centre of it all. It was perfect on her and she wore it with so much glory that one can tell how proud she is of her roots.

Michael didn't disappoint as well with his traditional igbo outfit, he was dressed as a king that he is. 

The night was full of beautiful and friends and families enjoyed the night with the great entertainment from the MC of the day and lovely sounds from the decks of the DJ.

We are honoured to have been able to witness you two coming together to become one, this is wishing you many more years together in love.

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