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Zoe & Sam

Congratulations to Zoe and Sam who had their traditional marriage recently in London.

I remember getting an email from Zoe's mom regarding her daughters big day, we exchanged few emails and boom! the gig was secured.

I remember saying to myself, this is going to be a different wedding and i just couldn't wait for the day to come. Zoe's mom was so down to earth and didn't stress over anything, explained what she wanted for her baby and i told her "say no more". (well not exactly but you get me still.....)

Fast-forward couple of months and the day we've been waiting for is here,  it all seemed like it was yesterday i got the email from Zoe's mom.

I'd like to say a big thank you to my brother who shot this beautiful wedding with me, Quadosh Photography i appreciate you big time bro, God bless you.

We arrived at the Holiday Inn in Chingford where Zoe, Sam and their bridal train were all staying, on getting to Zoe's room i was met at the door by Miss Tumi of ty-events who was really helpful throughout the process of the wedding, she introduced me to the bride as there was no time to meet up before the wedding day, i was awed by the beauty of Zoe (obviously not a new thing as all my brides are all beautiful, y'all should go argue with your smart phones/tablets/pc or whatever you're using to read this at the moment *rolling eyes* ), i tried to figure out quickly what was different and captivating about her, and i realised it was Zoe's smile, chai she can smile for the whole world ooooo. It was at the point i knew i wouldn't stress in getting decent shots of  Zoe all through the day as she was a natural.


We exchanged greetings and all sorts and head over to Sam's room where he was so relaxed with his mandems, said hello to him and his men and told him how the day is expected to go from my point of view as a photographer documenting their special day and the rest is history.

The day was filled with love, style, entertainment and laughter as every guest, friend and family members, not excluding the vendors in attendance witnessed a traditional wedding like no other. Thank you to our guys at Micoli Films who created a magnificent documentary from this wedding, y'all should checked them out.

Zoe and Sam, it was an honour to be part of your big day and document every detail of it to create memories of a life time for you two. God bless you and i wish you a blessed and happy married life...

P:S - Guys look out for Zoe's mom from the pictures and you'll realise where she got her beauty from.....

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